New working partnership.


Hey, Peeps, It’s a great day here at Couture Squad. We have a pretty cool job coming up for a couple newly landed clients that is in the OKC Garage Door Repair Scene Niche that needs of some new threads. We sat down with the Owner of CCM Garage Door to get a game plan together for his new work apparel and we must say it will be pretty amazing when we are done with it.

We know that most construction workers are always trying to figure out how to keep their crews from looking like bums. So we are on an adventure to create an awesome design that is functional and pleasing to the eyes for our new client.

We thought we would only be doing their shirts and hats. Oh no, they are even asking us to build out a clothing line that is geared towards their industry and be able to market the product to other construction companies.

Brilliant we thought! So we are amidst of designing the coolest project we have been apart of for some time now. We will be rolling it into production very soon. But, first, let’s talk about the new designs that we are creating for GM Landscaping OKC. They came to us wanting a design that was revamped from a previous design they have on everything. So we said sure let’s get some info and get this ball rolling. The design is a great one. It will be of two different colors and even a new look. We want to make all things GM landscaping pop. There is no need to look boring while working in the flower beds. We want their team to be seen when working in the neighborhoods and get attention. Possibly a sale or two! That’s the goal anyhow.

We started with some great moisture wicking material for the polos to make the sales team as cool as a cucumber and keep them from passing out in that Oklahoma humidity in the summer months. We have new highly ventilated hats as well that will help keep fatigue down due to their cooling effect that is great when out in the sun. They are the same design that outdoor sports players wear to keep the heat down. With all the new materials on the market today and all the new ones to be launched very soon. There is no reason why you can’t look and feel great in the field and office. We are amongst a few that are trying out this new concept and will keep everyone updated on what our client’s results are. Stay tuned to our post and see what we have to say about it all.

Thank you guys and keep in touch.


Our infamous Legion of couture helmet

This is our signature helmet design. We feel we should pay tribute to the Brave souls that laid down their lives in the heat of battle. All our shirts are made of cotton polyester mix and are very durable. We have more styles and designs coming so stay with us and we will get those right out to you.